Art, music and dogs are the three passions of my life.  I graduated with a degree in music and spent over 30 years as a professional harpist in the Washington, D.C. area.  The National Gallery of Art often hired me to play for their events, where my favorite experience was playing next to The Kiss during the Rodin exhibit.  What a thrilling experience!

While sometimes I think I was born with a pencil in hand, it took moving to Montana in 2001 before I concentrated on honing my visual artistic skills.  My formal art training is minimal, but participating in workshops with several nationally and internationally known masters have inspired me to continue to stretch my boundaries and improve my skills.

I live with my husband and three German shepherds in the Rocky Mountains between Whitehall and Butte, Montana.  The house (and my studio) sits on a ridge just east of the continental divide and faces the magnificent Highland Mountains.  How could anyone live here and not be inspired to paint?

When I look into the eyes of my dogs, watch an eagle soar, or drink in the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, I am awestruck by God's creation.  I want to "capture" the soul of the animal, the majesty of the landscape and the beauty in everyday objects.

Music is a wonderful expression of my soul - but as soon as the harp strings are plucked the sound begins to disappear leaving the listener with just a memory.  Painting and drawing give me the opportunity to translate my vision into a lasting tribute to the beauty and emotion that first caught my attention.